Capps Manufacturing will sharpen all brands of flat carbide float blades. We precision grind all blades to their original cut and pattern, utilizing the latest in precision cutting tool grinders, and CNC equipment. We will use UPS ground shipping to return your sharpened blades to you unless you request otherwise.

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Capps Manufacturing specializes in Custom orders made to your specifications. Along with this specialization, we are also able to refurbish and or rebuild older instruments to your specifications. This includes changing the length or angle on floats, and other instruments, replacing worn out or obsolete heads on floats, and re-plating older non stainless steel instruments such as speculums.

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  1. Apply heat briefly to the backside of blade mounting back with propane torch (Approximately 250 Degrees Fahrenheit) to soften the tape.
  2. Hold Float with the blade facing down and tap the end of the float head on a wood block to dislodge the blade.
  3. Allow the head to cool and then clean thoroughly with acetone, to remove all tape residue. The mounting surface must be absolutely clean. Tape, residue and fingerprints will prevent good bonding.
  4. Remove the paper backing on the new blade, making sure the blade is oriented for direction of cut desired and set it into the recessed area. Apply enough pressure to assure complete contact of the tape.