Capps Triangular Head Floats

  • $250.00

The Capps Triangular Head Floats have a triangular shaped head which allows for easier oral access, less soft tissue damage, and greater maneuverability. The round shafts have the back side milled flat to aid in correct float placement, and include an eight inch long handle for better grip and easier handling. The triangular float head contains a series of specially ground, three sided, carbide inserts that are stacked on a pin to produce a very aggressive cutting surface. When one of the cutting surfaces becomes dull, the inserts can be indexed to a fresh sharp surface. Each set of inserts has three cutting surfaces. The Capps Triangular Head Floats will save you time and money. They are cost effective and because of their very aggressive cutting action, the will cut down on float time per horse. All Floats can be Custom ordered in any Shaft Style or Length, Head Angle, or with a Pistol Grip. All Capps Triangular Head Floats are priced with Standard Inserts included.

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